Outperforms the competition

Lasts over 50x longer

Why HydroDuty is Better

Better built

Flared shell keeps moisture droplets away from
encapsulated winding

Better designed

Center cavity drain keeps condensation away from
motor face

Engineered to last

Drip grooves keep condensation away from bearings

Built for any environment

Patented breather vent vaporizes condensation

Outperforms typical white

Washdown motors

Patented breather vent

Provides better pressure stabilization and keeps moisture out

Special seals and stainless steel shaft slinger

Prevent moisture from entering

Waterproof lead splice kit

Reduces risk of lead wire failure

Potted conduit box lead hole

Prevents water accumulation at the leads

Oversized bearings

Handles twice the load as a typical washdown with
25mm bearings, 47% larger than most competitors

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

Method of encapsulation reduces electric winding failures


Feather Picking Motor

Built to last in the harshest environments


Withstands frequent sanitizing with high pressure sprays and
extreme side loading requirements typical of feather pickers


Outperforms any other feather picker motor on the market, and one motor
change can cost over $15,000 in downtime*

With a comprehensive warranty

Even covers failures from water intrusion

*Assumes $500/minute in downtime and 30 minutes for a motor change

Built for the toughest environments

The Test

WEG Commercial Motors has created a unique testing environment, which lab engineers have dubbed the ‘torture chamber’, to replicate worst case scenarios for its washdown motors.

  • High pressure chemical sprays, hot water and flooding
  • One cycle takes three hours, simulates one day of operating conditions
    – 6 high pressure spay nozzles
    – Spray chemicals at 1500 psi, 140 – 150˚F
    – Hot chemicals 20% acid/20% alkaline
    – Hot water 140˚ – 150˚F
    – Flood with 50˚F water for twenty minutes, over a three hour cycle

Test Results

  • HydroDuty, HydroWash, and Picker Plus Motors endured on average 30 times as many cycles than the top 8 competitors
  • HydroDuty completed 1767 cycles compared to the next best competitor at 177 cycles
  • By creating the torture chamber for testing, WEG Commercial Motors has been able to test all advancements in a true working environment to assure that their motors are the best on the market.

More Tests, More Motor Torture

WEG Commercial Motors has also created a test in which a HydroDuty Motor was submerged into a 55 gallon drum. The motor runs for three hours, then shuts down for thirty minutes. The cycle is repeated, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Reason for the Test

The maintenance manager at a poultry processing plant had experienced motor failure repeatedly, because production lines are washed down several times a day with high pressure hoses. He asked Bluffton Motor Works to prove to him that their washdown motor really could survive any environment.

They submerged one of their HydroDuty motors in an aquarium at the plant’s maintenance shop. Ninety days later, the motor was still running, so the maintenance manager installed it on one of the worst applications in the plant. Four years later, that same motor was still running that same conveyor.

WEG Commercial Motors warrants that its products will be free from defect in workmanship and material at the time of shipment and will conform to the specifications published or agreed to between purchaser and  WEG Commercial Motors for a period of one (1) year from date of installation but in no event beyond two (2) years from date of manufacture. Specific to HydroDuty and Picker-Plus motors, this warranty will also cover all water-related motor failures resulting from typical sanitary washdown procedures for the aforementioned period of time.

All warranty claims should be submitted through your authorized distributor. Motors requiring evaluation or analysis may be shipped freight prepaid to WEG Commercial Motors. Prior written authorization from WEG Commercial Motors is required before shipment.

The warranty stated above does not apply to products that have been subject to misuse (including use in a manner inconsistent with the design of the product), abuse, neglect, accident or improper installation (including the failure to use the waterproof splice kit provided with the motor) or maintenance, or to products that have been altered or repaired by anyone other than WEG Commercial Motors or its authorized representative.

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Splice Kit Installation

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